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    Replica Watches: Is it legal to sell them?

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    Counterfeit: What is it? Is it a crime to sell counterfeit goods? When is crime buy fake products? What is fake coarse?

    The phenomenon of counterfeiting is an authentic scourge for legal commerce: it is a real parallel market that very often collects success even more than that of original products. This is because counterfeit goods meet consumer support who, instead of spending exorbitant amounts for a signed item (suit or accessory), prefers to fall back on something very similar (sometimes identical) and, above all, by far Less expensive. With this article we will dwell on a particular type of counterfeit product: watches. In the next paragraphs we will see what are replica watches and whether it is legal to sell them.

    Replica watches: What are they?

    Replica watches are nothing more than faithful reproductions of original watches, i.e. objects produced by the parent companies and on which their brand is affixed. The replica watches, said in two words, are counterfeit watches, just like the bags, shoes and many other clothing. They are called “replica” because they are completely similar, if not identical, to the originals, so much so that, very often, even a connoisseur has difficulty recognizing counterfeiting.

    Counterfeit: Is it legal?

    Of course, the counterfeiting of original products constitutes a crime. According to the Penal Code, anyone who counterfeits or alters distinctive marks, domestic or foreign of industrial products, or makes use of such trademarks or signs counterfeit or altered, is punished by imprisonment from six months to three years and with a fine from 2,500 to 25 thousand euros.

    Replica watches: Is it legal to buy them?

    Before you see if it’s legal to sell replica watches, let’s get on the side of the consumer and explain if it’s legal to buy counterfeit goods. The Italian law provides for two different types of crime that can refer to those who buy goods from a crime: the Receiving and the careless purchase.

    According to the Penal Code, you have a prescription when a person, in order to procure to himself or others a profit, buys, receives or occult money or things from a crime, or in any case intrudes in making them buy, receive or conceal. The penalty is the imprisonment of two to eight years.

    It is the offence of careless purchase, however, when a person, without having first ascerted the legitimate provenance, buys or receives in any way things, which, because of their quality or the condition of those who offer them or for the amount of the price, have reason to Suspect that they come from crime. The penalty is stopping up to six months.

    Buy replica watches: When is it receiving?

    Explain the two cases of crime, let’s see if buying replica watches constitutes a criminal offence. According to the Court of Cassation, it does not commit a crime who buys a counterfeit product (and, therefore, also a replica watch), provided that the purchase is destined for an exclusively personal use. This is because the law sanctions only those who are included in the production circle or distribution of the counterfeit product, but not those who use it for purely personal purposes.

    On the contrary, anyone who buys a good that knows to come from a crime (theft, robbery, but also counterfeiting, constituting a crime), or, while having no certainty, can easily imagine that it may be the result of an illicit offence, in the crime of Receiving if that good is not intended for itself but to be sold to third parties, even if only given.

    In fact, for the purchase of replica watches, i.e. of watches entirely identical to the original ones, it is easy to incur the crime of fencing if the purchase is not for personal use, as the price incredibly low (think of a Rolex sold a few tens of Induces any buyer to understand that it is a hoax.

    Instead, if the replica watch were to be sold at a “plausible” price, i.e. analogous to the original product, then the buyer will not incur the crime of receiving the reciever, as he is completely deceived by the seller who has passed him off for Original a counterfeit watch. In this case, the buyer is injured party and may file a complaint/lawsuit for fraud and counterfeiting.

    Purchase replica watches: When it is reckless purchase

    More slight is the hypothesis of careless purchase, in which it inruns those who buy a counterfeit goods or, however, coming from crime when he could well have imagined that the merchandise itself was criminal. In a nutshell, while the crime of fencing takes place when the buyer knowingly or consciously accepts the risk that the product is counterfeit, in the case of the careless purchase the buyer buys the goods by naivety, although he had to hypothesize that Came from the black market.

    Purchase replica watches: Administrative sanction

    Irrespective of the penalty, those who buy counterfeit goods incur an administrative sanction. As, in fact, it has been able to clarify the Court of Cassation, the final purchaser of a product with a counterfeit trademark or in any case of origin and provenance other than the one indicated is liable for administrative wrongdoing and not of receptation. The penalty to be paid goes from one hundred to seven thousand euros.

    Replica watches: Is crime selling them?

    We now come to the main point of this article: Is it legal to sell replica watches? The answer is clear from what has been said so far: counterfeiting is a crime and, therefore, selling false objects, albeit identical to the originals, constitutes a crime, provided that there is an awareness. In other words, the retail trader who sells replica watches believing that they are original, does not commit offense; On the contrary, it will incur in criminal offence the one who knowingly, in order to gain profit, puts on the market counterfeit goods.

    Specifically, the law says that, out of the cases of competition in the activity of counterfeiting itself, anyone holding for sale, poses for sale or otherwise puts in circulation in order to profit from it, counterfeit products, is punished with imprisonment until To two years and with the fine up to 20 thousand euros.

    In addition, the law provides for the confiscation of counterfeit goods and, unless the fact constitutes a more serious offence, the administrative penalty from twenty thousand to one million euro if the same purchase is made by a trader or a different person By the final purchaser.

    Counterfeiting: When is it not punishable?

    The case law has excluded the punibility of the seller that offers the public a counterfeit product so bad that it can not be passed off for original in any way [8]. This is the so-called fake Grossolano, that is that counterfeit so obvious that it can not deceive anyone. Classic example is that of the Hawker who sells in the street (if anything on a sheet lying on the ground) watches of great prestige a few euros.

    But why is the fake coarse not punished? Because the rules on counterfeiting aim to protect the public faith, that is, the entrusting of the subsidiaries in the distinctive marks or signs that identify the works of ingenuity or industrial products and guarantee their circulation. Therefore, when falsification is not likely to mislead consumers, causing confusion between the original and the non-authentic products, we cannot even speak of a crime.

    To have to be precise, however, it should also be said that there are isolated pronunciations of the contrary, that is, judgments that have punished even the obvious counterfeiting.

    Finally, it is noted that the guideline (true, absolutely minority) that trade in counterfeit goods is not criminally relevant if justified by the state of necessity of the seller and by the small number of counterfeit products. This is a very peculiar application of the scriminante foreseen in the Penal Code, due to the absolutely majority orientation that the state of necessity cannot apply to offences against the inheritance or which, however, offend the Trade.

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    Where to Buy Replica Watches

    If you’re looking for replica watches, you know you’re not the only one. About 25% (according to Google Trends) of watches-related searches, are to look for replicas of watches. Most consumers go looking for replicas of specific watches, such as replicas of Rolex, or replicas of Cartier, etc. But it is very easy to fall into web pages of scams. That’s why today at Replicaonlinesuk, we propose you 10 Web pages, where you can buy replicas of safe watches.

    Replica Watches vs Fake Watches

    First of all you have to differentiate between replicas and fake watches. In general it tends to confuse these terms. If you’ve ever looked for replica watches, you’ve probably landed on websites where you buy cheap fake watches.

    Generally this type of websites where they say to sell replicas of watches, are from Asia but in their defense, it must be said that most of the time they always make clear that they are fake or imitation watches.

    Replicas of watches are perfectly legal and are often referred to as “homage” to the brand. Did you know this difference? This type of replicas are only sold by some websites and forums specialized in this sector. The manufacture of replica watches aims to be identical to their original product and satisfy the demand to a larger public by ceasing to be a “prohibitive” good.

    Here are opinions for all colors. Some people think that buying replica watches or buying imitation watches is phenomenal. And there are those who do not consider it ethical because it is very close to a counterfeit. What do you think? Do you dare to buy imitation watches or replica watches?

    Advantages of Replica Watches vs Fake Watches

    The good thing about both is that they are cheaper than the originals. True, replica watches tend to be more expensive than fake watches. However they are manufactured with higher quality and are also legal.

    have higher quality
    are legal
    are cheap compared to the original

    Disadvantages of replica watches vs fake Watches

    They are very hard to find retail. Instead, if you want to buy fake watches, there are many websites to do it. However, more and more the efforts of Google and other search engines that are trying to eliminate this type of sites.

    Have you ever received emails in your inbox about this type of fake watches? Spam emails of this type of websites are very common.

    The most worry about the internet is not the lack of availability of these articles, but the excessive exposure to replicas of fake or imitation watches, which can make you buy yourself for ignorance.

    Where to Buy Replica Watches

    Sites like EBay, have always been full of imitation watches and fake watches, but now it’s not always like that. We can find articles “homage” as are the replicas. This is usually because occasionally they usually do a review of their items for sale. In this way, they eliminate the fake ones and keep the replicas. However, if your idea is to go directly to EBay, our recommendation is that in addition to reading the comments and opinions of other customers, ask the seller directly.

    On the other hand, there are online stores like: Luxury replicas. This particular store has many tribute items at very competitive prices and with the best brands. That yes, in addition to this website, which is the most advisable, we propose these others according to the model of clock you are looking for.

    We hope you liked the article on where to buy this type of watches at competitive prices and with a similar quality to the original. Did you know of any other websites selling these items? Leave us a comment and tell us your opinion. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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    Where to Buy the Best Replica Watches?

    You know that from 15% to 30% of the searches that people do on the Internet on the subject “watches” are looking for replica watches?

    Many of the consumers of this type of product, are not familiar with the watches and often fear that they will buy a replica without knowing it.

    What are the chances that the user gets to buy a fake watch when he is looking for a particular replica? Well, first of all there are numerous online pages selling fake watches.

    Most of these sites are from Asia (where it is common to reproduce fake watches), but they are also quite clear about the fact that they sell imitation or fake watches.

    The fact is, most of the online stores that sell counterfeits (no matter how bleak they can be), are very open about their products. Why? By the fact that they are tending to buyers that if they look for forgeries.

    However there is the legal version of replica watches, commonly called “homage”. A small number of Internet communities and the most specialized forums in the watchmaker’s sector are dedicated to the production, review and discussion of these “homage” replicas.

    These watches are manufactured to be the most similar to their originals, and are approved by their respective brands, in addition, they are manufactured with the intention of satisfying the great demand of this type of article, so habitually “prohibited” for the vast majority of public.

    Some collectors love them, while others have ethical problems with them, as they may feel too close to a counterfeit.
    However, they are perfectly legal. The most common brands, also have “homages” produced in his honor, such as Rolex, Omega, Montblanc Flyback, etc… The aviation watches are the most “honored”.

    The good thing about replicas is that they are usually manufactured with a higher quality than counterfeits. This is because they are not trying to be a low-cost alternative, but they are trying to be a modern version of something too difficult or impossible to get, because they are no longer manufactured.

    Fake watches are not hard to find if you are looking for these. More and more search engines are being pressed to eliminate or reduce the relevance of websites, which offer fake watches in a retail fashion.

    The amount of spam from emails (labeled as such) has also been affected. The biggest concern, is not the great availability of counterfeits, but rather, that the consumer buys for ignorance.

    Where to buy replica watches?

    Sites like eBay in the past were full of fake items, but now it’s no longer the case. Probably, because the clocks pass from time to time by a review of their respective marks.

    Practically the only chance you have to accidentally buy a fake watch these days is through a transaction with a private seller.

    Now, there are online shops like: Amazon, which have countless tributes at very interesting prices and with the best brands on the market.