Meghan Marke and Princess Eugenia Have the Most Desired Rings

Couples to marry in the UK ask their jewelers replicas of these two famous engagement rings. Know the top 5 of the most desired and the least sought…

No doubt the royalty marks trend and here the test…

It has just been revealed that young British royalty members are driving jewelry sales as shoppers flock to their jewelers to purchase engagement rings.

The diamond of Botswana chosen by Prince Harry for Meghan Marke and the Sapphire ‘Padparadscha’ Pink Princess Eugenie are the two most coveted designs, according to reports.

The online jewelry, which specializes in real replicas, has revealed some figures and claims that the yellow gold ring of Meghan is now the design that best sells, while orders for copies of dazzling Hollywood styles have declined in a Considerable 50 percent.

And while the? Royals? They are reigning in the style bets, the former Lady Michelle Obama also ranked among the top 5, while Queen Isabel and actresses Angelina Jolie and Margot Robbie are among the worst sellers.

And it seems that future brides also want to emulate the Middleton sisters with their dazzling engagement rings, as the models of Kate and Pippa are also placed at the top of the list of the most coveted rings to imitate., who created a replica of Meghan Marke’s ring just two hours after the first official photographs of his engagement, also revealed how design quickly became his best-selling engagement ring on the site.

The retailer said searches for? Three-stone rings? They increased by a staggering 270 percent the week after Meghan and Harry’s engagement last year.

The second most-sold celebrity engagement ring is a replica of Princess Eugenie’s ring, followed by a replica of Michelle Obama’s classic solitaire ring, a discreet style.

A replica of Pippa Middleton’s Art Deco ring also placed the list of the top 5 sold, increasing sales by 40 percent versus last year.

This site also revealed about the replica styles of celebrities who had plummeted among UK consumers, including the striking styles worn by Cardi B, Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga.

“Has it been interesting to describe the replica rings of bestselling celebrities and see that the real ones have such a strong influence on sales in the UK?” said’s founder, Tony Davis.

“With the arrival of Kate and Woulds, and the nuptials pending between Harry and Meghan it is clear that the? Royal Mania? It is reaching a peak among UK consumers at this time.

“We knew before the commitment that Meghan is one of the most influential celebrities to increase our sales in the UK, but it is interesting to see that sales of styles similar to the rings of Kate and Pippa Middleton have also accelerated in the Last few months.

“On the contrary, the most extravagant Hollywood styles are declining in sales, and are opting for classic and discrete styles?” concluded Davis.

And what ring do you stay with?

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