Why Book Your Mobile Disco in Good Time?

There are so many reasons to why you shouldn’t book a mobile disco late, but for me there are three main ones.

They can turn you away altogether – this could be the worst case scenario if you want any sort of decent disco. Most DJ’s get booked up at least a week in advance and in all honestly, they need more than a spilt second to get ready and prepared for a gig. Getting any sort of rejection is a nightmare and what a situation to get in to, especially if you have to go back to the person who needs a DJ and tell them that there is no party! You definitely would not be in their good books for a while.

You may end up with a ‘below average service’ – You are responsible for booking the entertainment, so if you get someone un-professional and generally not very good at their job people will be asking you questions. Not only that but the guest may not enjoy the evening and if it’s a very important event like a wedding you will feel very guilty indeed! Entertainment at any party is probably the single most important aspect, so do bear that in mind.

They will charge the earth – Have you ever paid an express charge for a late booked service? Well this can certainly happen if you book at short notice. I’ve heard people paying up to 50% more than the average price which could be a disaster if you’re working towards a tight budget. A lot of businesses will corner you if they know you’re desperate and they will charge high rates for the same product and service. The earlier you look for and book, the more time you have to hunt around for a good deal. Most services like to fill up their schedules early and in advance, so book early!

Any party occasion is important and you only get one chance to make sure everything goes to plan. Do not fall in to the east trap of ‘leaving it until tomorrow’, as you may end up booking something you didn’t really want, or ending up with nothing at all. It is a responsible task booking a mobile disco and at the end of the day if you’re responsible for anything that goes wrong, you will be held to blame. Get online, talk to people you know and find a great service early on.

Gook luck and do not be late!


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