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Teaching is a profession, which has got a lot of responsibilities attached to it. The most important input for teaching is the teaching material. Web has come as a great trouble saver. There is a huge stockpile of free teacher resources, waiting to be used.

There are a number of free sites, which could be used for free teacher resources. You can research about them, as all the information that you need, will be available on the internet.

One of my favorite websites is the Teacher’s guide. It is an interactive white board resource, and consists of a lot of teaching materials such as thematic units, printouts, children’s songs, and activity books.
Then there is a special website, dedicated to the teacher’s socializing. It is called the Teacher’s corner. It is not dedicated to teaching only. It is a sort of online social networking where the teachers could share their experiences and teaching methodologies on net. They can also become pen pals, and exchange mails. In sort, it is highly interactive, and a great value adder to the teaching resources.

Apart from this, online net working is also being used increasingly to bring the teacher and the students on a common forum. There are consultancies, which hire teachers at affordable rates, and bring the students and the teachers to a common place and ground. For example a lot of free teacher resources are available on the net, which have the ability to start inspiring discussions in the classrooms. These include materials and interactive web for training the teachers for the global teaching roles, work sheet activities, online quizzes, discussions on the topic, free web tools for the teachers and many many more.

If you are a teacher, and are in search for some free teacher resources, then you could try out the following key words. These include the teacher’s lesson plan, the teacher’s worksheets, teacher’s printable s, the site for the classroom management of the teacher, web sites dedicated to mathematics, Ideas in the lessons for the teachers, the teacher activities for the primary school teachers, Kid’s educational sites, and many more.

Teaching is an art, and the colors are being provided by the net. The resources available on the net give the freedom to the teachers to use their imagination and free teaching styles, from any monotony or repetitiveness. The teachers have now, various tools and resources available at their disposal to create a teaching environment which will promote the quest for learning, inquisitiveness, and a habit for searching for truth, how so ever improbable it may be, because it will then have been freed from the impossibilities of impossible irrational elements. Whatever left will be the pure crystals of knowledge, ushering the next phase of human evolution.

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