Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review – Multiplayer

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Information

Genre: Racing
Max. Online players: 8
Online stats: Yes
Private games: Yes


Hot Pursuit

Racers must get to the finish line to win. Cops need to stop them getting there.

By far the best mode of the three available. Simply driving the car perfectly does not always result in a victory. You need to adapt your strategy to what is going on with the other cars, so keeping an eye on the radar is crucial. As a racer it goes without saying that you need to avoid the cops like the plague, attempt to make it more appealing for them to target others racers. Sometimes this mean dropping off the pace a little, especially on long routes, so you can avoid a lot of the action. Also try and avoid unforced errors such as hitting hard obstacles full on and others cars – these will expire some of your precious energy. Working as a team when playing as the cops really pays off, there is nothing more frustrating than when another cop attempts to bag a capture at the expense of the greater good.


One racer versus one cop in a head to head pursuit. The weak link with regards to the online modes, certainly nowhere near the adrenalin rush you get from Hot Pursuit mode. As the racer just try and get out of the radar of the cop. If you are the cop then simply try and take down the racer.


Race the world’s most exclusive cars to see who will be the first to the finish line. It would have been nice to see the ‘gadgets’ enabled as a toggle option for the races, allowing spike traps and road blocks to slow competitors down. Quite simply the fastest car wins.

Car Series in online mode


Location and events


Grand Ocean Coast
Mission Beach
Carson Ridge Reservoir
Coral Bay
Oakmont Valley
Memorial Valley
Boulder Desert
East Gorge Canyon
Eagle Crest
Fox Lair Pass
Big Timber Forest
Rockingham Point


Cut to the Chase (Grand Ocean Coast)
Ocean Blue (Grand Ocean Coast)
Roadsters Reborn (Grand Ocean Coast)
Future Perfect (Grand Ocean Coast)

Close Call (Carson Ridge Reservoir)
Razor’s Edge (Carson Ridge Reservoir)
Spirit of Performance (Carson Ridge Reservoir)
Dark Horse (Carson Ridge Reservoir)

Escape to the Beach (Mission Beach)
Self Preservation (Mission Beach)
Sand Timer (Mission Beach)

Charged Attack (Oakmont Valley)
Highway Battle (Oakmont Valley)
Coast to Coast (Oakmont Valley)

Sun, Sand and Supercars (Boulder Desert)
Hit the Beach (Boulder Desert)
Shock and Awe (Boulder Desert)
Pedal to the Metal (Boulder Desert)

Dust Storm (Memorial Valley)
End of the Line (Memorial Valley)
Porsche Patrol (Memorial Valley)
No Substitute (Memorial Valley)

Untouchable (East Gorge Canyon)
Calm Before the Storm (East Gorge Canyon)
Blacklisted (East Gorge Canyon)

Summit Assault (Eagle Crest)
Complete Control (Eagle Crest)
Snowblind (Eagle Crest)
Tough Justice (Eagle Crest)

Run to the Hills (Fox Lair Pass)
Extreme Truth (Fox Lair Pass)
Into the Fire (Fox Lair Pass)

Midnight Run (Big Timber Forest)
First Offence (Big Timber Forest)

Arms Race (Rockingham Point)
Snake Pit (Rockingham Point)
Fight or Flight (Rockingham Point)
Lakeside Dream (Rockingham Point)

Law and Disorder (Coral Bay)
Slide Show (Coral Bay)

Positives and Negatives


Hot Pursuit mode is a genuine online masterpiece. Playing as a racer is a complete joy when attempting to outrun, outthink and outmanoeuvre the enemy police vehicles. Although, playing as the cops is extremely good fun as well. Simply driving well does not always win the event, staying out of the way of others and striking at the right time are just as important

  • Autolog function keeps track of all your stats when playing the game and links to the Hot Pursuit part of
  • There is an App for the iPhone and iPad that allows you to keep tabs on your stats and compare them to friends
  • Easy to find a game on Hot Pursuit
  • New cars awarded as you level up
  • Real cars used (NOTE – it would be great to have a game that combines the graphical power of Gran Turismo 5 with the playability of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit)
  • The game oozes style, having a feel of ‘The Fast and Furious’ film series
  • Superb ‘Pick up and play’ gameplay, the rapid amount of online races you can get through in a single session compliments the fast, pulse racing experience when playing
  • Online is more fun than Gran Turismo 5


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