The Special Way The Adaptogen, Eleuthero, Boosts Your Brain

The adaptogen, eleuthero, has a solid track record for boosting mental performance in a pretty unique way.

In fact, it may help us stay sharp just when we need it the most!

What do I mean? Let’s take a trip back in time – fifty years ago…

Imagine you work as a wireless telegraph operator…

You crouch over a Telex machine, translating words on paper into clicks. Your fingers hover over the keyboard as you quickly send out an urgent alert…

People come in and out of your office, sometimes literally breathing down your neck as you transmit their telegraphs.

You focus intently. Every tap of the keyboard counts. A tiny stumble that sends out the wrong series of clicks can change the meaning of the entire message.

However, thanks to a new herbal drink you’d been given by your supervisor, you’re able to perform flawlessly. Your speed and accuracy soars. You can’t help but notice how your supervisor shakes his head, chuckling, as he reviews the day’s reports.

What was in that special herbal drink? The adaptogenic herb, eleuthero.

In tests conducted in the 1960’s, operators who took the adaptogen, eleuthero, had faster telegraphing times and fewer mistakes. Tests on proofreaders found the same thing. [1]

Eleuthero helps your brain perform at its best. But even more particularly, eleuthero helps your brain perform optimally especially when you’re under pressure!

How Stress Sabotages Your Brain

While you’re probably not operating a Telex machine, you certainly face similar challenges. Instead of a telegraph keyboard, many of us hunch over a computer keyboard.

And certainly, with the economy in a slump, you can’t afford to mess up. If you mess up, someone from the unemployment lines is waiting to jump right in and take your place.

You constantly feel the pressure to get more done… to shine when it comes to work. And when you’re under pressure, you’re more likely to fumble, draw a blank or foul up all together.

See, stress literally sabotages your mental performance.

As researchers from the State University of New York in Buffalo have shown, stress interferes with the activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This part of the brain allows us to make executive decisions, think flexibly and learn. No wonder we can’t think clearly when we’re under the gun![2]

And it gets worse… Brain researcher Dr. Bruce McEwen has demonstrated the neural fibers of a stressed brain are shrunken, with hardly any branches to facilitate communication. The fibers in healthy brains are sturdy and thickly branched.[3]

The difference between the two is dramatic. It’s like looking at a dead tree and one that was healthy and thriving with lots of new growth and small branches.

McEwen noted that the part of the brain most affected by stress is the hippocampus. This is where learning and memory takes place.

Stress literally shrinks your brain.

That’s why eleuthero’s brain boosting benefits are so strategic…

Eleuthero Helps You Perform At Your Best – Especially Under stress

No less than 35 clinical studies have shown eleuthero improves physical and mental performance under stressful conditions.[4]

Eleuthero seems to:

  1. speed up your reaction time so you can quickly make assessments and take action;
  2. improve learning and memory; and
  3. even sharpen vision and strengthen hearing.

Research on Olympic athletes, astronauts, explorers, divers, sailors, factory workers, pilots, train operators and miners all showed eleuthero allowed them to work harder and better longer. It’s a favorite among Japanese businessmen who work 12-hour days in a tough and competitive work environment.

Researchers who were studying eleuthero in a 2010 study along with two other adaptogens think part of eleuthero’s power is its ability to protect your brain from the damaging effects of stress. Preliminary research indicates eleuthero might stimulate the production of two special proteins – Neuropeptide 7 and Hsp72. These two proteins seem to help protect your brain cells when they are under stress.[5]

Eleuthero has also been shown to help make it easier for your cells to access nutrition and oxygen while helping cells get rid of waste. For the cells of a stressed brain, this is like a refreshing drink of water. By nourishing your brain cells and keeping them free of junk, eleuthero may help your brain perform at a higher clip when you need it to.

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