Types of High Security Doors

As most of the break-ins occur through the front door of a house or office, high security should be installed to protect these vulnerable areas of a property. These constructed with robust materials with sturdy hardware integrated in the door leaf can resist the highest level of force applied by vandals to enter domestic or commercial properties.

With a variety of high security available on the market, you can easily find a door suitable for your budget and requirement.

Types of High Security

PAS 23/24 Door

Designed to meet the PAS 23/24 BSI code feature heavy duty door closers and other security hardware. For added security, https://eternia.to/ magnetic locks are integrated in the door to enable automatic locking. Moreover, to enhance the security of the door further an extra continuous hinge is included in the fully welded. There are different PAS 23/24 door options such as single door, double door and leaf and half door.

LPS 1175 Level 1 Door

The high security build according to the LPS 1175 level 1 Loss Prevention Standard code, are extremely strong and robust. The maximum height and width of the LPS 1175 level 1 certified single leaf are 2450 mm and 1220 mm respectively. Multi locking systems can be incorporated in the doors.

LPS 1175 Level 2

The LPS 1175 Level 2 high security are designed to resist physical as well as mechanical force with battery operated tools for 15 minutes. You can opt for single or double door styles. Designed to open outwards, a range of security accessories and hardware is integrated in the door leaf.

LPS 1175 Level 3

An extremely robust high security door design, the LPS 1175 Level 3 can prevent forceful entry with the help of a variety of burglary tools including axe, cold chisel, crow bar and gas torch. The single and double feature 16-point multi locking system to ensure the highest level of protection from burglars.

ENV 1627 Level 3 Doors

This high security door can withstand force applied with heavy hand tools. Equipped with anti-crow bar strip, multiple hinges, dog bolts and sash lock, the ENV 1627 Level 3 Door keeps your property safe from burglars.

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